1. One fully grown tree can produce the same amount of oxygen in one season as ten people breathe in one year
    2. Homes with tree shade can stay up to 7 degrees cooler during summer
    3. A single mature tree can absorb as much carbon in one year as a car will produce driving a distance of 42,000 kilometres

  1. Australias tallest tree is 99.6m high and is the worlds tallest flowering plant and known hardwood tree.
  2. Trees cover around 23% of the earths total land area.
  3. Trees are the largest living organism on earth
  4. A mature tree will remove up to 70 times more pollution from the atmosphere than a recently planted tree
  5. The oldest tree in Australia is a Tasmanian Huon Pine that is 3,492 years old.
  6. In the US, an average citizen uses approximately 125kg of paper every year and 95% of homes are built using timber which means each person will use the equivalent of a 35 metre, tree with a 40cm diameter every year for their wood product needs
  7. There are over 23,000 different types of trees in the world
  8. A mature tree will produce 125 kilograms of oxygen every year which means just two trees can supply sufficient oxygen of a family of four for a year
  9. Over the course of it’s life, just one tree can absorb approximately one ton of carbon dioxide
  10. Trees have a calming effect which can lower heart rates and reduce stress
  11. Statistics show that well maintained trees can increase a properties overall value by up to 14%
  12. Trees placed strategically around a building can reduce air conditioning requirements by up to 30%