For optimum health and longevity trees require proper care and maintenance. Trees that are not maintained properly can become diseased and/or prove a threat to the safety of people and property. For this reason, we have provided some tips to help you keep your trees in prime condition.

  1. Regular deep watering

Large leafy trees can transpire around 200L of water per day, so they need to be watered during prolonged drought periods. Using slow-decomposing forest mulch will also help to conserve the moisture in the soil and protect the root zone from compaction.

  1. Keep vines and climbers away from tree bark

Climbing plants wrap around a tree and build up moisture and debris close to the trees trunk. This can cause fungal infection, leading to the tree being destroyed.

  1. Protect roots from damage

Ensuring you keep the root zone of your trees protected can be imperative in ensuring their future.  Tree roots need to breath too, so avoid compacting the soil around the base of trees with cars or foot traffic.

  1. Check for infection

Splitting or oozing bark and honey-coloured mushrooms at the base of the tree can all indicate a fungal infection. Check the canopy and base of your trees to ensure any issues are picked up and treated before it is too late.