Tree Surgery

Aside from our tree removal and lopping service, we are a fully qualified Arborist. With many years of experience dealing with a variety of diseases, split limbs, pest control, growth issues, large trees, complex trees, hazardous vegetation removal, consulting and reporting, we are the people to contact.  We adhere to strict guidelines to protect your tree against current issues together with any other problems that could develop in the future.

If ‘thinning’ or pruning of your tree/s is required, we can do so in a manner which will encourage new growth or if preferred, inhibit return growth in any particular area of the tree. For all work carried out on the trees we attend to, whether minor or serious, the tree is not damaged in any way and the health of the tree remains paramount.

If we need to climb the tree, we do so using a Single Rope Technique (SRT) or Double Rope, depending on the situation. But either way, these are recognised as the most least invasive ways for us to get to the required region of the tree.

If you have any concerns about your tree/s, call us sooner than later. This action will greatly reduce your trees problem and will also save you money.