Stump Grinding

Any trees that are removed are cut as low as practicable to ground level. This results in an unsightly tree stump remaining in your garden which means it will be highly likely you will have to mow and weed around it every time you are maintaining your garden.  Although tree stumps will rot and die away naturally, this rotting process will take years. But more importantly, in addition to the unsightly view, you will have an ideal termite attraction. There is nothing the white ants like more than live trees slowly rotting from underground up.

Another issue to consider when leaving tree stumps to rot is the high chance that other trees nearby could get infected with tree decay fungi which will develop in your tree rotting stump. Over time, the fungi will slowly increase by developing spores which grow into the soil and eventually spread to other root systems. This will result in affecting the health of other trees together with inhibiting their growth.

If you have any concerns at all about a stump left in your garden call us, a site visit is free and our advice is free.