Tree Pruning Services

For optimum health and longevity, trees require proper care and maintenance.  Tree pruning is a vital process to ensure that your much loved trees do not become diseased or prove a threat to the safety of people and property.

Whether you want to optimise the health of your tree, increase the visibility of your property or simply enhance the appearance of your premises, Tree Loppers Gold Coast can help you.

Our tree pruning solutions include:

  • Crown Raising – to improve clearance for pedestrians and vehicles
  • Crown Cleaning – to remove dead, damaged or diseased branches
  • Crown Thinning – to decrease the weight strain on the tree
  • View Enhancement Pruning – selectively removing or pruning certain branches
  • Avoid or reduce clogged drains and gutters caused by falling leaves
  • Preventing trees from impacting on power lines or telecommunication cables